A key component of our mission at NEC is to serve as a resource for the wide range of information available to our members. Through our educational opportunities, training programs, networking avenues, and other professional development opportunities, NEC provides its members the ability to stay current on industry developments, regional issues, and commit to on-going professional growth.


NEC provides members with:


NEC/AAAE Annual Conference 

An opportunity for airport professionals to meet with their colleagues from throughout the Northeast for valuable networking, education on industry trends and new developments and an exchanging of ideas that can help you make your airport safer, and more customer friendly.


NEC/AAAE Airports Conference 

Designed for government officials, airport owners/management, consultants, contractors, and material testing laboratories personnel. The conference provides the latest information on airport programs and policies, as well as practical experience by airport management, consultants, and others in the airport industry. The topics that will be presented at the conference include airport planning, design, finance, management, safety, environmental issues, engineering, and field lighting. The purpose is to provide leadership in planning and developing a safe and efficient regional airport system to satisfy the needs of our aviation interests, with due consideration for economics, environmental compatibility, local property rights, and safeguarding the public investment.


International Aviation Snow Symposium 

An annual forum bringing together airport employees, vendors and other personnel involved in snow removal, ice control and other aspects of wintertime aviation operations. Lively discussions center on communications, safety, environmental concerns, mitigating flight delays , efficiently dealing with associated costs and the other aspects of managing snow and ice at airports.


AAAE/Northeast Chapter AAAE Hub Airports Winter Operations Conference

The American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) and the Northeast Chapter AAAE have certified the Aviation Snow Academy. The curriculum is designed to provide current, relevant and focused training for snow and ice control measures at airports, including FAA FAR Part 139 certificated airports.


ARFF Training

NEC sponsors Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting training held each year at Pittsburgh International Airport, which includes certification courses and customized training.

NEC provides seminars throughout the year on relevant industry topics. Members also have access to a number of services including scholarships and grants, the A.A.E. Mentoring Program, and internship opportunities.


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