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Managing today’s terminal facilities, operating systems and airfield surfaces requires wide-ranging knowledge and abilities. NEC/AAAE provides a reliable resource for support, information, and additional training. Through educational opportunities, our annual conference, the International Aviation Snow Symposium, Snow Academy, ARFF Training, and other Chapter sponsored events the NEC/AAAE provides airport executives with a trusted support system to help them grow in the industry through professional development, networking, and mentorship.

NEC/AAAE welcomes airport executives with active membership in AAAE, along with those eligible for membership in the AAAE and those with a sincere interest in airport management.  NEC/AAAE has four membership categories:

Executive ($50/year) – For those who exercise active responsibility for management, general supervision or administration of a public use airport, are engaged in such activity as a gainful occupation and who devote at least fifty percent (50%) of their daily working hours in matters that directly relate to the administration/management of an airport.

Associate ($50/year) – Is open to an individual who is actively employed by a public use airport, or has an interest in airport management and development of aviation in general or in the field of aviation by a government agency or an official of an airport governing body who does not meet the minimum qualifications for Executive status.

Corporate ($75/year) – Is open to individuals of either public or private corporations who are engaged in activities relating to the use and promotion of airports or aviation or of products which are used in airport and aviation activities.

Student ($10/year) – For individuals engaged in the study of airport management or related field at an accredited university or college with a programmed graduation date within six (6) years of application.

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