Northeast Chapter AAAE
Membership Meeting
Sunday, April 15, 2018
8:30 – 9:45 am
San Diego Convention Center, Room 24A

For PDF files of committee reports, financials, and Business Meeting minutes from August 14, 2017, Business Meeting in Rochester, NY, please see attachments below. 

Executive Committee:
Maria Sheridan, A.A.E., President
Ed Foster, A.A.E., Vice President
Carlton Braley Jr., A.A.E., Treasurer
Lisa Gardner, A.A.E., Secretary
James G. Walsh, A.A.E, Past President
Dick Williams, A.A.E., Executive Secretary


  I. Welcome and opening remarks
II. Approval of minutes from Rochester
III. National 1st Vice-Chair Jeanne Olivier, A.A.E.
IV. National Directors – Ann Richart, A.A.E., Wayne Pennell, A.A.E.
V. National Nominating Committee - Ann Richart, A.A.E.
VI. Board of Examiners - Alex Kashani, A.A.E.
VII. Committee Reports
a) Government Affairs Committee: James Walsh, A.A.E.
b) Professional Development Committee: Melinda Montgomery, A.A.E.
c) Chapter Nominating Committee: Jim Walsh, A.A.E.
d) NEC ARFF Committee: Richard Wilson, A.F.O.
e) Membership Committee: Jennifer Hanrahan
f) Hub Airports Winter Operations & Deicing Conference: Wayne Pennell, A.A.E.
g) International Aviation Snow Symposium Committee: Joe Guarino
h) Corporate Committee: Nick Ryan
i) Communications Committee: Alex Gertsen
j) Balchen/Post Awards Committee: Alex Kashani, A.A.E.
k) Academic Relations Committee: Darren Large, A.A.E.
l) Finance and Audit Committee: Nino Sapone, A.A.E. 
VIII. Financials YTD
IX. 2018 Annual Conference
X. 2019-2021 Annual Conference
XI. New Business
XII. Adjourn



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