The primary goal of these ASOS Schools is to increase the knowledge and understanding of the airport and military personnel who, on a day-to-day basis, play a major role in ensuring that your airport operates safely and meets the requirements of Part 139. Although ASOS Schools are voluntary, the FAA Airport Certification Safety Inspectors recognize the intrinsic value of these schools and accept them as one of the many forms of complying with some training requirements in Part 139. ASOS Schools also give an opportunity for airport personnel to learn what changes are in effect, address issues on complying with self-inspection programs, and the role of the Airport Certification Safety Inspector.

Basic ASOS School

The two-day Basic ASOS School is designed for individuals who are relatively new to airport operations, or have not attended a Basic ASOS before and are currently working in airport management, planning or operations. Through prepared presentations instructed by industry professionals, the Basic ASOS School will cover the following elements of Part 139 (subject to change): 14 CFR Part 139 Requirements, Records, Paved/Safety Areas, Markings, Signs & Lighting, ARFF, AEP, Self-Inspection Program.
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Advanced ASOS School

Advanced Schools are tailored for individuals who have either attended an earlier ASOS school, experienced one or more annual FAA Certification Inspections or have at least two years of experience in airport operations. The school has fewer prepared presentations, and more group Part 139 problem-solving exercises so that all attendees can actively participate in the proceedings. Participants are encouraged to discuss best management practices and lessons learned at their airports or from other experiences.